Transform the Insurance Value Chain with Artificial Intelligence

Insurance industry has been drenched with repetitive data-intensive processes such as underwriting, claims processing, and customer onboarding. Almost 80% of this data is unstructured or semi-structured, making it difficult for insurers to standardize data and process it accurately. With intelligent automation, insurers can streamline and speed up their operations by digitising and standardizing data without any hassle.

Key Differentiators
Improved Decisions icon

Improved Decisions

  • with identification of non-payable items, comorbidities, etc.

Reduced Turnaround Time icon

Reduced Turnaround Time

  • for processes such as claim approval from 4hrs+ to 45min

Simplify Processes icon

Simplify Processes

  • from 5 steps to 2 steps with 1 manual-touch

Use cases that leverage intelligent automation
Product Selection icon

Product Selection

Product-Customer Match
Proposal Processing
Novel products

Policy Servicing icon

Policy Servicing


Wastage and Abuse icon

Wastage and Abuse

Item utilization
Bill Head analysis
Category triggers
Provider Triggers

Fraud icon


Hard fraud
Network fraud
Data fraud

Underwriting icon


Data extraction
Risk profiling
Premium Calculation

Claim Processing icon

Claim Processing

Financial adjudication
Medical adjudication
Tariff approval

Tariff and Network icon

Tariff and Network

Tariff standardization
Tariff comparison
Geo-cost benchmarking
Utilization analytics

Customer churn prediction icon

Customer churn prediction

Customer experience rating
Churn prediction

Risk Monitoring icon

Risk Monitoring

Claim cohorts
Benchmark risk alerts
Ombudsman cases

Focused Solutions
Business Impact
Increased Productivity icon

Increased Productivity

Increase in FTE productivity by upto 300%

Advanced Business Insights icon

Advanced Business Insights

Leverage advanced business insights to make informed business decisions

Increased Accuracy icon

Increased Accuracy

Achieve 99% accuracy in data extraction

Customer Delight icon

Customer Delight

Enhance customer experience by reducing waiting time and ensuring quick redressal of problems